Between Saint-Malo & Mont Saint-Michel


At the crossroads of Brittany and Normandy , between the Emerald Coast and the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel:

To the west, the Emerald Coast begins in Cancale ( 15 kms) and goes to the Cap Frehel (70 kms) . You start by eating oysters in the harbor of Cancale (15 kms ) and then you take a walk on the old customs path to get to Saint- Malo ( 25kms) , the fortified city , the cradle of so many amazing travellers ! Go around the ramparts and ponds to admire old ships and high-tech catamarans. Take the shuttle boat to go to Dinard, seaside resort with English accents and follow the emerald coast to Erquy , a mecca of St. Jacques shells…

To the east, the Mont -Saint- Michel and its bay , called ” Wonder of the West “ are listed as UNESCO World Heritage since 1979. You can visit the abbey and its wonders of medieval architecture, on your own, with audio guide, on a guided tour or conference. Come live the high tide ! At each high tide now, the Mont Saint -Michel becomes an island. Twice a day the sea invades the bay with an amplitude of about 13 meters on high tide days, the sea withdraws to a 15kms distance but commes back fast enough. This important mixing of water permits exceptional biological richness with diverse and abundant wildlife.

Thus we find in the Bay dolphins and seals , bars and mackerel, flat oysters and mussels. You can follow the dolphins with the Al- Lark Association on a boat trip at high tide. At low tide, the fish will be captured in the traditional fisheries, mussels and shrimp with dranets and shellfish ( clams, cockles ) by digging the sand. Cherrueix is at the heart of all those activities at low tide, the Mecca of fishing on foot and only village in the bay of Mont Saint- Michel away from the trafic of the coast road. To discover its richness , take a guided tour on foot or on board the « train marin »:

South , go and discover the medieval cities : Dol-de-Bretagne (10 minutes) and its half-timbered houses , Combourg (20 min) and its castle, Dinan (30 min) City of Art and History, or the fortress of Fougères (50 min) and its ramparts. Discover the romantic Brittany following its great men : Chateaubriand , Cartier , Hugo, and Duguesclin Sucrouf !